Quality ControlResearch, Development and Sustainability

Sciarada’s productive approach has always been attentive and sensitive to changes. Respect for the environment and safety at the workplace are the elements that characterise the company’s work ethic.

In addition to a laboratory for controlling the quality of its products, Sciarada has at its disposal a research center for the development of new products and the optimization of tanning techniques. 

The Research & Development Department creates products with more and more performing characteristics and low environmental impact. Our challenge is to render our production process that is faithful to tradition as scientific as possible.

Research and Development department

The Research and Development Department is a centre of excellence where Sciarada technicians meet clients and suppliers. The department is composed of 2 laboratories:

(control of supplies)
(control of the requirements requested by the client)
Sciarada’s articles are created thanks to original formulas and processes studied and implemented in order to obtain higher product performances in compliance with actual ecosustainability. Thanks to this approach Sciarada obtained important results such as:
ISO 14001 certification (environmental management)
• MADE IN ITALY certification in compliance with UNI 16484 Standard
• OHSAS 18001 certification (safety at workplace management)

Chemical Laboratory

The chemical laboratory carries out analysis to control supplies and it is equipped with analytic instruments and equipment among which:

• Spectrophotometer CJX-Rite color matching
• Ft-IR-ATR Spectrophotometer
• UV-Vis Spectrophotometer diffuse reflectance and integrating sphere equipped with software for the elaboration of colour recipes and final colour acceptance control
• Muffle furnace


The department makes its structures and the skills of its team available to clients and external companies.


The physical-mechanical laboratory carries out tests aimed at controlling quality and verifying the requirements requested by the client. It is equipped with:

• IG ILast D Lastometer
• Veslic
• Penetrometer
• Gore Hydrotest
• Crockmeter
• Water Vapour Permeometer
• Thermostatically controlled drying oven
• Perspirometer
• Xeno Test XL PLUS II
• Colour assessment cabinet

The laboratory operates in an environment with constant and controlled humidity and temperature conditions (23°C – 50% HR).
The instruments and equipment are checked every year by the CTC of Lyon.

Laboratory tests

Our laboratories carry out a series of tests to guarantee and certify the quality of our articles, the fulfilment of the client’s requirements, and/or compliance with the technical regulation in force.

UNI EN ISO 11640 Color fastness to rubbing (veslic)
QB/T 2537 Color fastness to rubbing (veslic)
ISO 20433 fastness to rubbing (veslic) QB/T 2537 Color fastness to rubbing (crockmeter)
UNI EN ISO 105x-12

ISO 105-B02 Color fastness of leather to light: Xenon Lamp (Atlas Suntest XLS+)

UNI EN ISO 11642 Resistance to dynamic penetration. Colour fastness to water
UNI EN ISO 11641 Colour fastness to perspiration

UNI EN ISO 14268 Determination of water vapour permeability

UNI 11308 Determination of distension and strength of grain

UNI EN ISO 15700 (burst method) Color fastness to water spotting

UNI EN ISO 5403 Determination of water resistance of flexible leather

UNI 11293 Determination of water absorption by capillarity

ISO 3379 Determination of distension and strength of leather grain (Ball burst method)

UNI EN ISO 15701 Colour fastness to migration into polymeric material PVC

Automated system
for the dosing of
chemical products

Sciarada has equipped itself with an automated system for the dosing of chemical products (transfer from storage tanks, weighing, mixing, sending to holding tank, piping and discharge in the drum, cleaning), which considerably reduces execution times and error possibility.

In addition, the system allows reducing waste of chemicals during the process, with consequent environmental benefit.

Lastly, worker’s health protection by drastically reducing the presence of dusts in the work environment.

Sciarada’s commitment

Sciarada is one of the first Italian tanneries to have understood the benefits of the industrial revolution 4.0, machine automation has allowed monitoring and standardising production processes.

• – 35% water use reduction in 3 years
• Reduction of energy use per m2
• Efficiency of plants and production processes

• Reduction of the amount of dust in the work environment
• Less use of chemicals
• Metal free tanning (PIUMA line)

• Recovery of production waste within the production cycle (new process evolo®)

sustainable suede

The Research & Development Department has obtained a new eco-sustainable product whose characteristics are compatible with the Sciarada process standards: evolo®


– 66% WATER