Sciarada Industria Conciaria Spa, a company that has always been environmentally conscious (among the first tanning companies awarded the ISO 14001 certification) and aware of the impact that leather production may cause on the environment, has, thanks to its Research and Development department, researched, developed and implemented a line of metal-free products under the brand name Dherma.


The manufacture of leather is one of the most ancient productive sectors in the world. It is still working today to offer valuable raw material for different sectors, first and foremost fashion.

Tradition is a key element for the success of the Italian leather-making sector. In the industrial districts in the country, the process of manufacturing leather follows the craft techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation, to which, over the past years, the innovations brought forth by technology and research have been added.

The challenges in the leather sector concern, in any case, more than just the quality of the material used or the sophisticated production techniques. In order to be able to follow a growth path, it is necessary to also guarantee environmental sustainability in the production process, an objective that many companies in this sector have adopted over the past few years, moving in a concrete manner towards sustainable production, and also obtaining certifications regarding sustainability and environmental friendliness, aimed at demonstrating their responsibility towards the community.

Our metal-free leather has been developed out of the need to fulfill the requirement to produce ecologically sustainable goods, in other words products characterized by the smallest possible environmental footprint, both during production and at the end of their life cycle.
The manufacture of leather goods fulfilling these requirements is only possible with the development of production systems to manufacture products that do not emit substances that are known to be harmful to humans and to the environment, and that are recyclable and biodegradable.

Dherma, metal-free leather goods produced entirely by Sciarada (certified Made in Italy) without the use of the classical mineral tanning chemicals (Chromium, Aluminum, Titanium, Zirconium and Iron), through the use of organic substances, after in-depth research on the interactions between tanning and oiling substances.

With the right combination of these substances, one can obtain a white leather with unique characteristics, soft to the touch and with a highly napped finish.

The Dherma line is used for highly versatile products, and, thanks to its characteristics, it is good for shoes, bags and leather goods generally.
Dherma is more than just a brand name: it is the realization of the need felt by Sciarada to make possible an encounter with nature, and an encounter between nature and man, with the smallest possible negative impact.

Our metal-free products fully meet all the requirements imposed by the strictest current norms with regard to the health of the end user (LFGB), as well as those for the companies in the manufacturing sector. The concentrations of prohibited amines, azo dyes, hexavalent chromium, PCP, formaldehyde and heavy metals are all much lower than the limits imposed both by current norms (REACH) and by the most important eco-friendly certification labels.