Sciarada was established in 1977 in the largest leather-producing district of Tuscany. Since its first years, the company has specialized in the production of suede, successfully combining technological innovations with the great Tuscan tradition of craftsmanship. Sciarada produces quality types of suede for shoes, leather goods and clothing.


Unrelenting research in both technical innovation and style, combined with tradition: this is THEORIGINALSUEDE. We offer suede of all types, from the sporty look of our velour-style products to the elegance and shine of the classic suede models, with a vast range of colors and fashion proposals, renewed with every collection. An unbreakable bond between experience and modernity that makes Sciarada a hallmark of the suede manufacturing sector.


We have created a new exhibition space within the company, where we present our customers with a succession of our latest creations and the most current leather collections.

Given the ever-shortening production times of the fashion market, and thus the need for companies to quickly choose the materials that will make up their products, our showroom offers the opportunity to view our new proposals without having to wait for the industry fairs or public events in the sector.

Beside organizing open events on a regular basis, we are also available on an appointment basis to welcome our clients and show them all of our novel products.

Easy Delivery Outlet

Sciarada is happy to present its new EDO store, officially opened on January 1, 2017.
The EDO store offers our clients the possibility to buy our Softy line very quickly.
You can find 400sqm of Softy leather in the basic colors, and 1000sqm in the most important shades of the color chart for the current season, all ready for delivery, even in small quantities.
For more information, contact our sales department.


The Lux collection includes our top-line range of products: full-grain calf and young calf suede. The high-quality raw materials and the meticulous manufacturing process help to create products that are immediately recognizable by their elegance and quality.

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Sciarada Industria Conciaria Spa, a company that has always been environmentally conscious (among the first tanning companies awarded the ISO 14001 certification) and aware of the impact that leather production may cause on the environment, has, thanks to its Research and Development department, researched, developed and implemented a line of metal-free products under the brand name Dherma.

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Creativity and imagination rule: pailette leathers, leopard-skin textures and a myriad other imaginative products. A laboratory of ideas that combines Sciarada’s traditional quality with the standout trends for the different seasons.

The key word is imagination.

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Quality controlResearch and Development

A laboratory for monitoring the quality of incoming and ongoing products, and a Research and Development department for innovation, design and providing assistance to clients.

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100% electric forklifts

As evidence of the great attention paid to environmental impact issues and the commitment to continuous improvement of business processes, Sciarada has equipped itself exclusively with electric forklifts for the movement of goods within the whole company.


Sciarada guarantees maximum professionalism and reliability. It follows the highest quality standards in its activity.
For many years, it has been awarded the most demanding certifications in the field of product quality control.

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ISO 14001

SGA Sistema gestione ambientale

View or download the documento Politica_QASRS 11.11.2019

UNI ISO 45001:2018

Sistemi di Gestione della Salute e Sicurezza sul Lavoro

LWG (Leather Working Group)

Leather Working Group Environmental Auditing Protocol

View or download the Certificato LWG.

UNIC social accountability
Raw material traceability

View or download the COVID-19 Certificate of Conformity


Lineapelle Milano

Première Vision Paris

Lineapelle New York

Asia Pacific Leather Fair

Lineapelle London

Tokyo Leather Fair


40 Years

January 28th, 2019|News|

Sciarada celebrates its first 40 years of activity with the installation of a sculpture by the artist Marco Puccinelli. The artwork can be found in Castelfranco di Sotto,

Zero Waste

January 28th, 2019|News|

Sciarada is a participant in the Zero Waste project, with the goal of developing and applying techniques for the recovery and re-use of leather production waste in order

Reality Magazine No. 1/2018

January 28th, 2019|News|

Reality Magazine tells the story of the inauguration of a monument that we built to celebrate our 40 years of activity